Gundisalvus Fusai

       Gundisalvus Fusai was born in 1582 in Japan, Asia.  As an adult, he held high office in the Japanese Imperial Court.

        At that point, for some unknown reason (some would undoubtedly say for an obvious reason), he converted to Christianity (from Shinto?).  After his Baptism, he quit his Position and went to work for some Jesuit missionaries.

        Apparently as a result of this conversion and change of career, he was then imprisoned in Omura, Japan, Asia.  While in prison, he joined the Jesuits, received into the Society by The Blessed Charles Spinola.

        His career as a live human Earthling ended when he was burned alive (until dead) in 1622 (aged 40ish) in Nagasaki, Japan, Asia.

        He was then given recognition as a Martyr, and Beatified, in 1867 (presumably by the Catholic Church of Rome, Italy, Europe).  As near as I can tell, his Canonization is still currently pending.

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